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    August 12, 2011
    by Briscoe White

    Carolina Wrens will nest just about anywhere...even in our empty watering can!

    Carolina Wrens, though territorial about their range, are not picky about where they nest. Old boots, propane tanks, watering cans, mailboxes and pots…these are just some of the man made abodes that wrens have claimed as their “home sweet home”. Using everything from small sticks, moss and roots, to snakeskin, plastic bags, hair and paper, Wrens are resourceful home builders!

    Wrens built this cozy nest in our marketing director, Caroline's, grandma's newspaper box!

    The mating pair, which stays together for life, spend their time foraging for sturdy materials for the curved outer walls, and finish the inside up with softer nesting materials. Wrens may also build many mock nests throughout their territory, which are commonly called “cock’s nests”, choosing their favorite home for the nesting season once they are actually ready to mate. These domed nests are never used more than once and usually take about three days to construct. Once finished, the pair mate and the female lays a clutch of between three and seven small eggs that are cream colored with small brown speckles. To watch them in action, check out this great YouTube video of a pair of Carolina Wrens adding to their nest! Building a Carolina Wren Nest.

    Our wrens chose the stylish pot on our office's front porch to nest in. They must not be bothered by the constant activity here since they've already laid eggs!

    For a hilarious and heartwarming story with great pictures documenting the baby wrens, check out this website on the wren’s unusual nesting locations, and read about Karen Ouimet’s indoor wren experience!

    One Comment

    1. One year we were gathering up trash to take to the dump and had removed the lid from one of the trash cans while we collected more stuff. The next day, when we went to pick up the trash can to put in the truck, a Carolina Wren flew out. She had, in one day, built a nest and laid 3 eggs in it. Needless to say, the trash can sat there a few weeks until the babies flew away. This year the nest was in my hanging basket on the back porch. Love those wrens.

      Posted by: Greer Conrad at August 12, 2011 11:54 pm

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